Furniture Selection

Furniture Selection

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For corporate settings, we provide products for private offices, workstations, collaborative areas, and conference and training rooms. Additionally, we work with products designed for the Healthcare and Learning sectors.

Buying furniture is a major project and isn’t a decision to take lightly; the choices you make will have a big impact on the environment. And when furnishing an office space, employee comfort and overall productivity must also be considered.


In a new study from architecture firm Gensler, there is evidence that supports that workplace performance is directly linked to the level of how an office is furnished. Innovative office design should be implemented through all areas:  How comfortable is the workstation or desk? Is the employee lounge laid out and furnished to accommodate both large groups and private conversations? What about conference room adaptability? Are the reception areas inspirational?  OIC sales consultants and designers will work with your team to understand employee’s needs and address the above concerns and present options selected because of those needs and concerns.

When it comes to budget, less expensive furniture may work better for your budget today, but the quality may be poor and end up costing you more in the long run. For example, while two chairs may look similar, the more expensive one may last two to three times longer.  As consultants, we can help with working through the budget process by creating “good, better, and best” typicals. Small- and medium-sized businesses with more than 10 employees spend over $130K per year on equipment and office supplies expenses, which is nearly 11% of their total expenses.  Therefore, making the correct decisions when selecting your furniture can make a huge difference in the health of your business.

Having worked with clients for over ten years in the Portland market, OIC has extensive experience with commercial furniture. Give us a call or come by our Portland Area showroom to explore your options.

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